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A dental x-ray film with a central projection on which the teeth can close, holding it in position for the radiographic examination of several upper and lower teeth simultaneously.


(Dentistry) a dental X-ray film


or bite′-wing`,

dental x-ray film with a projecting tab that is held between the teeth during radiography to capture structures of the upper and lower jaws in one image.
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Noun1.bitewing - a dental X-ray film that can be held in place by the teeth during radiographybitewing - a dental X-ray film that can be held in place by the teeth during radiography
X-ray film - photographic film used to make X-ray pictures
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Before sensor placement, use the cotton roll as the support for posterior, anterior or bitewing tab.
Patients had bitewing x-rays taken at Universidad del Valle, all by a single assistant using the X digital GX 770 equipment (Intra Oral X-Ray System/ User Manual Dentsplay-Gendex).
Diagnosis and treatment decisions when using bitewing radiographs--a comparison between two dental schools.
Periapical and bitewing radiographs had similar retake rates of 5.
For diagnosing interproximal caries in asthmatic and non-asthmatic children, the use of bitewing radiography was considered, but it was rejected by the ethics committee thinking that children would be exposed to radiation unnecessarily.
Dental exams, bitewing x-rays, sealants and fluoride treatments were completed.
Digital sensors to capture intraoral sizes 1 and 2, together with a set of 6 positioners for each sensor for shooting angle technology and digital imaging of bitewing, and set a minimum of 500 disposable covers for each sensor, along with PC control They work both sensors II.
Laser Fluorescence pen has also shown better reproducibility for caries in primary and permanent teeth and higher accuracy in detecting approximal caries lesions than bitewing radiographs in primary and permanent teeth.
25) Bjelkhagen eta al 1982 used an argon laser for luminescence and was able to observe natural and artificial incipient demineralization areas as an earlier stage they could observe in bitewing radiographs.
Radiographs from multiple angles, including bitewing radiographs and three-dimensional information acquired from computed tomography (CT) or cone beam CT scans can provide additional and more conclusive information.
Preventive maintenance appointments should be scheduled every 3 to 4 months and a periapical/vertical bitewing radiograph at 6 to 8 months should be compared with the baseline to assess crestal bone changes, which occur often during the first year of loading.