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Summary: A biting midge, now encased in amber, bit a dinosaur 135 million years ago in what is today the country of Lebanon.
iNseCt Bites SCIeNTISTS studying the feeding habits of the Scottish biting midge found tall people are more likely to be attacked by the insects.
The virus is spread by certain types of biting midge; it cannot naturally be transmitted directly between animals.
Wing pattern variation in the Patagonian biting midge, Forcipomyia (Forcipomyia) multipicta Ingram & Macfie (Diptera, Ceratopogonidae)
AUSTRALIA has the Great White Shark, Spain, the bloodsucking mosquito, and Scotland - the biting midge.
Scientists at the ARS Arthropod-borne Animal Diseases Research Laboratory in Laramie, Wyoming, have identified several such proteins in a small biting midge called Culicoides variipennis.
The swarming behavior of the scottish biting midge, Culicoides impunctatus (Diptera, Ceratopogonidae).
A TINY biting midge beats its minute hairy wings an amazing 62,760 times per minute.
She said: "The suppression of biting midge activity in Highland and west coast areas of Scotland could benefit outdoor industry and recreation significantly, improving wealth creation and the quality of life in these areas.
I had always believed this to be caused by a particular specialised form of biting midge, but now learn that there is a genetic component.
Comparative morphology of the mouthparts and associated feeding structures of biting midge larvae (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae).
The worst is the Culicoides Punctatum - also known as the Scottish Biting Midge - which normally emerges in late May.