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Of or relating to the representation of graphic images as bitmaps.
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[8, 9] proposed a bitmapped materialized views approach for optimizing XML queries.
Kirschenbaum focuses on word processors--ohardware and software for facilitating the composition, revision and formatting of free-form prose as part of an individual authorAEs daily workflow.o While the book includes the present day, he concentrates particularly on the years 1964 to 1984, which saw, in 1964, IBMAEs release of its Magnetic Tape Selectric Typewriter (MTST), and in 1984 the release of the Apple Macintosh, introducing the mouse, windows, icons, bitmapped graphics and to point-and-click.
"Multi-Table Joins Through Bitmapped Join Indices," ACM SIGMOD Record, vol.
To our surprise, the nice masthead font turned out to look bitmapped, but since we were such newbies, we just let it go: sort of a funky, high-tech look.
When you include photos, you are adding bitmapped graphics.
Although you can send inked messages to anyone as e-mail, if the recipient isn't running an ink-enabled application, your e-mail turns up as a bitmapped image.
As noted above, the Acronis offering takes a bitmapped image of the disk while still in Windows and then monitors subsequent write operations.
Other Issues--If the design of your hard copy resume includes columns, bullets or bitmapped graphics, adapt a less complex layout for your e-mail version.
The characters are two-dimensional bitmapped sprites and the combat graphics are equally simple.
The purpose of this project was to develop a neural network that could identify constellations from bitmapped graphic input.