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Of or relating to the representation of graphic images as bitmaps.
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Multi-Table Joins Through Bitmapped Join Indices," ACM SIGMOD Record, vol.
When you include photos, you are adding bitmapped graphics.
As noted above, the Acronis offering takes a bitmapped image of the disk while still in Windows and then monitors subsequent write operations.
Consider the differences between the two major types of graphics file formats -- bitmapped and vector
Also new is support for bitmapped buttons in the Tecplot GUI Builder and enhanced development tools.
Reon-GX also offers advanced scaling, frame rate conversion without frame tearing, advanced PIP, PAP, POP, bitmapped OSD, an integrated ARM CPU and gamma correction for high quality image output.
It then removes the highlighted area or converts the colour and passes the black and white bitmapped image to the calling program, where it can be collected to produce a synopsis or be recognized for automated indexing.
It features a single +5V power supply and can be bitmapped with a three-wire serial interface for special features and data formats.
Final editorial content from open-platform desktop systems is combined with advertising pages from Time's Scitex CEPS system and converted to a compressed bitmapped image.
RowScan is a unique approach to scanning microfiche which scans a complete fiche into a bitmapped image, segmenting, extracting and processing each individual frame as subsequent processes.
Like OCR, Acrobat Capture converts bitmapped page images acquired from a scanner or from a fax card into electronic text.