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0 standard allows for transfer speeds of up to 5G bits per second.
I have designed a system to reduce speech to about 1200 bits per second.
In the next few years, most Americans in urban areas will be offered ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line) modems from telephone companies for about $50 per month, from which a workstation can receive data over standard telephone wires at three to five million bits per second, and send data at 500,000 bits per second (hence the name asymmetric), which is plenty of bandwidth for two-way video and audio teleconferencing.
6 bits per second predicted by the best previous approaches, which used slower systems and then extrapolated to calculate a theoretical peak.
The modulator's switching speed is fast enough to generate more than a billion data bits per second, which is 50 times fast as any previous silicon-based modulator.
8 billion bits per second of private, dedicated bandwidth to each building.