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1. (Plants) an E North American hickory tree, Carya cordiformis, with thin-shelled nuts and bitter kernels
2. (Plants) the nut of this plant
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(ˈbɪt ərˌnʌt)

a hickory, Carya cordiformis, of the E and southern U.S., bearing a smooth, gray, bitter seed.
[1800–10, Amer.]
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Noun1.bitternut - hickory of the eastern United States having a leaves with 7 or 9 leaflets and thin-shelled very bitter nutsbitternut - hickory of the eastern United States having a leaves with 7 or 9 leaflets and thin-shelled very bitter nuts
Carya, genus Carya - genus of large deciduous nut-bearing trees; United States and China
hickory tree, hickory - American hardwood tree bearing edible nuts
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COMMON NAMES: True Hickory Group: Hickory, shagbark, shellbark, mockernut, pignut Pecan Hickory Group: pecan, bitternut, water and nutmeg hickory.
(14.) Being unsure what type of hickory was used in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, I list the average for five types of hickory (Mockernut, Pignut, Shagbark, Shellbark, Bitternut) that were prevalent in areas of the eastern United States where wood may have been harvested.
Another reason that would-be nutpickers do not gather hickory nuts is that they cannot differentiate the shagbark hickory from its bitternut and mockernut relatives, which do not bear edible nuts.
Pecan, pecan hickory, Southern pecan, pecan nut, pecan tree, faux hickory, sweet pecan, water hickory, bitter pecan, low ground hickory, wild pecan, swamp hickory, wild pecan, pignut hickory, water bitternut
rubra), blackwalnut (Juglans nigra), sugar maple, white ash, slippery elm, basswood (Tilia americana), black cherry, bitternut hickory (Carya cordiformis), and shagbark hickory (C.
I have been astounded at the adaptability and hardiness of Bitternut Hickory (Carya cordiformis).
Bitternut hickory, American beech, hemlock, basswood, ironwood and white ash are also present.
For 2 d after capture, the bat roosted in a live bitternut hickory (Carya cordiformis; DBH: 23.2 cm, see Table 1, Tree 1) located 0.89 km southwest from the capture site.
Other species of the pecan group of hickory include Carya cordiformis (bitternut hickory), Carya aquatica (water hickory) and Carya myristicaeformis (nutmeg hickory).
Conversely, bitternut hickory (Carya cordiformis) and red ash were more successful in the fenced treatment.