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 (bĭt) Nautical
A vertical post, usually one of a pair, set on the deck of a ship and used to secure ropes or cables.
tr.v. bitt·ed, bitt·ing, bitts
To wind (a cable) around a bitt.

[Perhaps of Dutch or Low German origin; akin to Old Norse biti, crossbeam.]
References in classic literature ?
I skimmed around for the watchman, a- wondering whereabouts he slept; and by and by I found him roosting on the bitts forward, with his head down between his knees.
You'll find it knockin' about by the bitts," Leach said, sitting down on the edge of the bunk in which I was concealed.
It 'uz pow'ful hot, deckhan's en roustabouts 'uz sprawled aroun' asleep on de fo'cas'l', de second mate, Jim Bangs, he sot dah on de bitts wid his head down, asleep--'ca'se dat's de way de second mate stan' de cap'n's watch
There is a way to drain it off, after it has grained, by putting clay into the pans; bitt it isn’t always practised; some doos and some doosn’t.
One man I noticed fetch up, head on and square on, with the starboard bitt.
Neighbor Pucci Bitts said she heard loud thumps coming from the unit next door just before the fire broke out.
Hill, of Buckbottom Farm, Burgh by Sands, Cumbria, admitted indecent assault in the city's Bitts Park.
We experienced no unplanned outages, even during usual peak hours," said Arthur Bitts, senior systems engineer at Cummins Inc.