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1. Happening every two years. See Usage Note at bi-1.
2. Happening twice a year; semiyearly.
1. Every two years.
2. Twice a year; semiyearly.


adj, adv
1. every two years; biennial or biennially
2. (often avoided because of confusion with sense 1) twice a year; biannual or biannually. See bi-1


(baɪˈyɪər li)

1. happening every two years; biennial.
2. happening twice a year; biannual.
3. every two years.
4. twice yearly.
usage: See bi- 1.
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Adj.1.biyearly - occurring every second year; "they met at biennial conventions"
periodic, periodical - happening or recurring at regular intervals; "the periodic appearance of the seventeen-year locust"
2.biyearly - occurring or payable twice each year
periodic, periodical - happening or recurring at regular intervals; "the periodic appearance of the seventeen-year locust"
Adv.1.biyearly - every two years; "this festival takes places biennially"
2.biyearly - twice a year
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Then the morning after the board meeting, the news came in that SIC was once again ranked by the Aspen Institute as one of the top 10 percent community colleges in the US, and eligible for the biyearly monetary award.
Yesterday at the World Incubation Summit in Toronto, Canada, UBI Global revealed its biyearly university-linked incubator and accelerator rankings.
state of incorporation dummy, biyearly time dummies, and other
The OJ's crew headed back down to mainland Mexico for our biyearly tequila/shrimp quesadilla fest that we lovingly refer to as "a skate trip.
This most recent iteration, EVA's third as a biyearly event, was curated by Koyo Kouoh, the Basel- and Dakar-based founding director of Raw Material Company, an arts initiative that bills itself as a resource center, gallery, and residency program supporting artistic production in Africa.
Thus, identifying girls with considerably higher risk of developing breast cancer within the close to term is very important to work out United Nations agency should be screened annually or biyearly within the close to term [2].
Fashion Week is an ever-looming, biyearly event that forces creativity and innovation.
On the other hand, patients that need biyearly check-ups, cannot schedule their appointment after the consultation, because the scheduling horizon is only 4 months.
The biyearly festival will be marking its 19th program from May 9 to June 5 with more than 100 performances by seven foreign and 35 local theater, dance and performance companies in various venues across ystanbul, the ystanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (yKSV) announced on Monday evening during a press meeting at ystanbul's Rahmi M.
Now in its third edition, the city's home-grown animation film festival is a biyearly, noncompetitive event that seeks to promote interesting animation in Lebanon.
The pacts, including one on the joint development of a management system for effective electricity supply, were reached at the Japan-China Comprehensive Energy Conservation and Environment Forum in Tokyo, which has been held every year since 2006, with the two countries hosting it biyearly.
Like the Navy's Malabar exercises, they must become more regular with yearly or biyearly appearances at existing operations such as Red Flag, as well as generating US-India-specific exercises on both Indian and US soil.