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Very strange or unusual, especially in a striking or shocking way. See Synonyms at fantastic.

[French, from Italian bizzarro, extravagant, bizarre, from Old Italian, angry; akin to bizza, fit of anger, perhaps of Germanic origin.]

bi·zarre′ly adv.
bi·zarre′ness n.


[bɪˈzɑːrli] advbizarrement
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Weird Brainy hosts Professor Brian Cox and Dara O Briain (right) will present coverage from the Science Museum in London, joined by schoolchildren and VIPs plus a team of experts, as the countdown clock ticks During the ISS, Tim's bones will He'll grow Bizarrely, of skin from down to blast off just after 11am.
FIFA's official statistics bizarrely rated Brazil as the best defensive team in the tournament, despite their 7-1 thumping by Germany.
United, rather bizarrely given the two sides' differing fortunes, find themselves as 6/4 favourites, ahead of Liverpool at 2/1 while Arsenal are the 7/5 favourites to beat Spurs (11/5).
The red giant star Kepler-56 spins on an axis bizarrely offset by 45[degrees] from its two transiting planets, report Daniel Huber (NASA Ames Research Center) and colleagues in the October 18th Science.
Bizarrely, a female cop lies in the spot where the 20-year-old girl was attacked.
The leader of winsome West Wales psychedelic folk outfit Gorky's Zygotic Mynci is back and, bizarrely, can be seen beaming out from the cover of his latest long-player, entitled Summer Special, from inside an inflatable rubber ring.
Cao will earn double his previous career winnings for reaching the second round after bridging a gap of 70 world ranking places to beat the current World Open champion 10-6, a dramatic moment of defeat coming when Allen bizarrely potted the white along with the final black.
DavidRedvers My Cheltenham highlight was bizarrely the round of applause for and genuine adoration of the crowd for a defeated champion #lovekautostar Bloodstock agent David Redvers sums up the overwhelming admiration of the racing public towards Kauto Star MarkWebsterCEO History was made in Hong Kong today.
A quarter reckoned a chicken shortage in the 1960s led to Britons adopting the turkey as the meat of choice - and even more bizarrely one in ten people think turkey is eaten because Mary and Joseph were turkey farmers.
Bizarrely, Loue did not try to sell the phones, despite being pounds 4,500 in debt.
Bizarrely, many singers we thought wouldn't stand a chance of making it past the audition stage have already been put through, and here, as more genuine stars are whittled down from the crowds of nohopers, Konnie chats to host Dermot O'Leary, the judges and more contestants.
Bizarrely, the law states that even a dealer isn't required to declare if a car's been repaired.