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Very strange or unusual, especially in a striking or shocking way. See Synonyms at fantastic.

[French, from Italian bizzarro, extravagant, bizarre, from Old Italian, angry; akin to bizza, fit of anger, perhaps of Germanic origin.]

bi·zarre′ly adv.
bi·zarre′ness n.
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Noun1.bizarreness - strikingly out of the ordinarybizarreness - strikingly out of the ordinary  
strangeness, unfamiliarity - unusualness as a consequence of not being well known
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Her assumption of equality with him was disconcerting, and at times he half-consciously resented the impudence and bizarreness of her intrusion upon him--rising out of the sea in a howling nor'wester, fresh from poking her revolver under Ericson's nose, protected by her gang of huge Polynesian sailors, and settling down in Berande like any shipwrecked sailor.
Vitamin B6 did not affect the vividness, bizarreness or colour of their dreams, and did not affect other aspects of their sleep patterns.
The bizarreness also continued beyond Epstein's office as it has been reported that inside the home hung a ( painting of former President ( Bill Clinton , wearing what looks like a Monica Lewinsky blue dress and red heels while sitting in a chair within the oval office pointing directly at anyone viewing the picture.
Or the bizarreness of the occasion could end up backfiring, with some critics of the president immediately questioning whether serious issues facing the black community were sacrificed to showbiz.
The addition of the coin flip determining the queen's ability to move is characteristic of her inherent bizarreness as a character.
discipline the use of race by the state, the requirement of bizarreness
LAHORE:We're only two months into 2018, but all Bollywood movies that are to come this year would have a tough time living up to the unparalleled levels of bizarreness, nothingness and meaninglessness that Welcome to New York has in abundance.
We detect memory disorders or of other precursors of the intellect in such patients, as well as the loss of knowledge and of thinking abilities, and the occurrence of modifications of behavior that looks like "hebephrenic bizarreness".
Al-Monitor also reported dissenting voices in the public taking to various social media platforms to condemn the move considering growing regional ties between Egypt and Israel as well as the bizarreness of the move in respect to the prospect of energy independency posed by the opening of the Zohr gas field earlier this year.
"Yet the unpleasant nature - the Steven Woolfe fracas, the Diane James fiasco, the Anne-Marie Waters debacle, the John Rees-Evans bizarreness, the countless leaks, briefings and character assassinations - became almost as bad as the political establishment I had hoped to counter."
COMEDY Murray Lachlan Young Widely regarded as one of the best-known poetry voices in Britain, acclaimed playwright, actor and writer Murray Lachlan Young is celebrated for his hybrid mix of stand-up comedy and poetry with delightful commentaries on the bizarreness of contemporary life.
In general, however, because Eliot's poetry before 1922 includes, as Sherry admits, "extraordinary bizarreness" (270) and "enigmatic" (271) elements, I do not find his readings of individual poems compelling (though his remarks about the drafts often are).