black Angus

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Black Angus

See Angus.
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Ab′erdeen An′gus

one of a breed of hornless beef cattle having a smooth black coat, orig. raised in Scotland. Also called Black Angus.
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Noun1.Black Angus - black hornless breed from Scotlandblack Angus - black hornless breed from Scotland  
beef, beef cattle - cattle that are reared for their meat
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Rangers Valley cattle are bred from a pure Black Angus Sire and a pure Black Angus Dam.
Tonight and tomorrow, 8pm, Barry Island Gardens MUSIC Black Angus - AC/DC tribute If you're a fan of the band and are looking for an authentic representation of AC/DC in their prime, this is it.
Once known as Ray Lake Farm, Kaye and Edward Ray were the first to acquire land here in 1958 for breeding and raising purebred Black Angus beef cattle.
I grew up on a dairy farm where we raised Holsteins, and our neighbors raised Guernseys, Jerseys, Brown Swiss, Black Angus, and Herefords, but I'd never seen a cow like this.
The company best known for its breakfasts already had burgers on the menu but had started using the IHOb name on social media, its website and for in-store promotions to draw attention to a new line of burgers made of Black Angus ground beef.
And for those who like their meat raw, the black Angus carpaccio is a must have.
We all enjoyed the Kushi chicken which had Japanese yakitori, spring onions, mirin and soya sauce; tuna maguro which was flamed sashimi with sesame ponzu sauce; Andalusian-style sauteed prawns; Lima scallops with red chilli and fresh coriander and seared black angus tataki with oyster sauce.
Each Ultimate Steakburger starts with 100% USDA Choice, Black Angus ground beef that is smashed on the grill to sear in the juices and flavor before being topped with premium ingredients and sandwiched between a buttered and grilled Brioche bun.
Lunch and dinner dishes include stockyard farm black Angus tenderloin to Cornish hen, along with slow-braised New Zealand lamb shoulder and spaghetti chittara, sandwiches and more.
The signature steaks namely, Australian Wagyu, Irish John Stone and Black Angus Tenderloin bring out an incredible culinary style at the restaurant where the dishes are prepared live in front of the guests' eyes.
During a BBQ show chef will bake various types of meat, and a presentation will reveal the peculiarities of the high quality beef of the Black Angus breed.