black bead

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: bead - erect shrub with small if any spines having racemes of white to yellow flowers followed by curved pointed pods and black shiny seeds; West Indies and Florida
genus Pithecellobium, genus Pithecolobium, Pithecellobium, Pithecolobium - thorny shrubs and trees of tropical and subtropical America and Asia
bush, shrub - a low woody perennial plant usually having several major stems
References in classic literature ?
Esther had given her a rosary of black beads with a silver cross, but Amy hung it up and did not use it, feeling doubtful as to its fitness for Protestant prayers.
He was dressed in black and rusty iron grey; had jet black beads of eyes; a scrubby little black chin; wiry black hair striking out from his head in prongs, like forks or hair-pins; and a complexion that was very dingy by nature, or very dirty by art, or a compound of nature and art.
Her jacket was black, with black beads sewn upon it, and a fringe of little black jet ornaments.
It features a tall front end with a bumper crafted out of solid metal, small side windows designed to protect the occupants, black bead lock wheels, wide fender flares and a boxy design.
1: Star by Julien Macdonald black bead embellished cardigan pounds 40, Debenhams 2: Limited Collection check cardigan pounds 29.
Long black bead detail dress pounds 160, cream sequin shrug pounds 60, black choker pounds 25 (all Monsoon) and black bead sandals pounds 22 (Dorothy Perkins).
We accessorised the dress with a simple black and translucent crystal long-beaded necklace, a chunky black bracelet and a black bead bracelet.
Vamping up the style, Harriet wears: a black, grey petrol chiffon maxi dress, pounds 55, Wallis; Freedom bangles, pounds 12, pounds 8 and pounds 6, black bead necklace, pounds 12, and oversize clutch, pounds 18, all Dorothy Perkins.
Black bead cluster earrings, pounds 38, by Debenhams (0171 408 4444)
Black bead necklace, pounds 12, bracelet, pounds 5, Marks & Spencer.
Multi-strand black bead necklace, pounds 22, Monsoon.