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It brought to his mind vague recollections of black magic.
Few, if any, had the temerity to visit old Bukawai, firstly because of fear of his black magic and the two hyenas who dwelt with him and were commonly known to be devils masquerading, and secondly because of the loathsome disease which had caused Bukawai to be an outcast--a disease which was slowly eating away his face.
She believed in devils, in black magic, and in witchcraft.
There is black magic somewhere at the bottom of this.
His companion laughed nervously, and moved away, to repeat the conversation, with variations and exaggerations, to others of the black soldiery, so that it was not long before a frightful tale of black magic and sudden death was woven about the giant prisoner, and had gone the rounds of the camp.
Certainly it would not have gone well with Bell had he lived two centuries earlier and been caught at such black magic.
Hyderabad: The famous Kanaka Durga temple of Andhra Pradesh has found itself in the eye of a raging controversy after the revelation that in violation of rules and regulations some people opened its door after midnight and performed black magic rituals.
Hyderabad [Telangana], December 23 ( ANI ): Hyderabad Police's Task Force on Saturday apprehended a person for indulging in black magic and seized 1.
Identify the Black Magic on a person who has affected by Black Magic will use the Negative Energies.
Savannah is also active on YouTube where she posts on black magic on her channel "Black Witch Coven.
Airing of content promoting black magic is strictly prohibited in PEMRA laws.
Just like Vashikaran it is used mainly for Good Luck, Life, to attract love, to get back love by Black Magic.