black medick

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black medic

or black medick
A cloverlike Eurasian plant (Medicago lupulina) in the pea family, having dense clusters of small yellow flowers and black pods. It is cultivated for forage.

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black medick

(Plants) a small European leguminous plant, Medicago lupulina, with trifoliate leaves, small yellow flowers, and black pods. Also called: nonesuch
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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: medick - prostrate European herb with small yellow flowers and curved black podsblack medick - prostrate European herb with small yellow flowers and curved black pods; naturalized in North America
medic, medick, trefoil - any of several Old World herbs of the genus Medicago having small flowers and trifoliate compound leaves
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Topspeed Dave Edwards Black Medick 7.15 Wolverhampton Appeared to score with a bit in hand at Lingfield ten days ago and a 3lb rise may not be enough to prevent her from following up.
Charbonneau (2010) used a 25% mixture of lactic acid and citric acid to successfully control several leguminous weeds such as black medick and clover, although this herbicide also had some phytotoxic effects on the non-target turfgrass.
Roedd y blodyn menyn yn amlwg iawn a'r dail arian a hefyd y blodyn bach hefo'r blodau bach melyn sy'n perthyn i deulu'r pys - y maglys du (Medicago lupulina; Black Medick).