black pea

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: pea - perennial of Europe and North Africa; foliage turns black in drying
genus Lathyrus, Lathyrus - genus of climbing herbs of Old World and temperate North and South America: vetchling; wild pea
vetchling - any of various small plants of the genus Lathyrus; climb usually by means of tendrils
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We were starving so it was just as well that pub has a truly extensive choice so we decided to share a black pea hummus with flat bread from the nibbles section whilst we perused the menu and the daily specials written on blackboards right above the bar.
Outside on the Pleasant Valley and Songbird stages, the crowds lapped up the likes of Tanita Tikaram (who at 40 still sounds great and still has a twist in her sobriety), singalong kings The Proclaimers, the husky tones of Jack Savoretti (whose slot included an onstage marriage proposal) and Eighties legends Echo and the Bunnymen - who seemed unaware of the barmy weather and still turned up in black pea coats and jeans.
8.00 (238m): Black Pea (6), Kye's Diva (5), CJ's Lass (1), Ella's Dream (scr), Helicopter (scr).
Palo brea trees provide the shade, candelilla (native Southwest euphorbia) dot the grid of black pea gravel, and Indian fig (Opuntia) punctuates the decomposed granite.
WORE: Militarystyle black pea coat and long black dress.
SHARPLEY: Black Buzzers (14s or thereabouts), William's Favourite, Diawl Bach, Black Pea, Olive/Black Nomads, Dawson's variants, Olive/Yellow/Pink Bloodworms, Cat's Whisker.
I'M working on my next novel, and it always helps to have a soundtrackused to listen to Radio One while I worked, and prided myself on knowing the words to Outkast and the Phat Funk Black Pea Squad, but after a while, it just gets on your nerves.
The main crops presently grown are barley Hordeum vulgare, green pea Pisum sativum, and a local variety of green pea (Piti shanma in vernacular, henceforth called black pea, translated from the vernacular).
A Red Herring black pea coat is pounds 40-50, white shirt with black tank top is pounds 22-26 and a tartan check skirt is pounds 16-20.
Black pea coat, pounds 49.99, tweed cap, pounds 12.99, both River Island; checked mini skirt, pounds 35, yellow wool scarf, pounds 8, both Warehouse; green drop earrings, pounds 4, Freedom @ Topshop; green leather gloves, pounds 18, Topshop; cowgirl boots, pounds 99.99, Schuh.
For something more glamorous there is the full length faux flecked fur (pounds 140) or for casual wear, a black pea coat (pounds 70).