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The odour of Christmas cooking being on the wind, it was the season when superfluous pork and black puddings are suggestive of charity in well-to-do families; and Silas's misfortune had brought him uppermost in the memory of housekeepers like Mrs.
We can send black puddings and pettitoes without giving them a flavour of our own egoism; but language is a stream that is almost sure to smack of a mingled soil.
The mother said nothing, but gave him a large dish of black pudding, and Marleen still wept without ceasing.
Chris didn't say whether he got the idea from watching The Goodies in the 70s, when they demonstrated the "martial art" of Ecky Thump that involved beating opponents with black puddings.
I'm very lucky because we sell about two or three black puddings a week and that was our last one.
There are the Jam Butty Mines of Knotty Ash to consider or we could take her to world famous Bury Market to sample black puddings in their home habitat.
A FAMILY-RUN Liverpool company has reached a milestone by supplying more than a million black puddings to low-cost supermarket Lidl.
My wife, who maintains that the best black puddings can be found in Trinidad, has joined me in the search for a decent black pudding in Wales.
Small, individual black puddings look great but if you can't get them, use three large slices and cut into circles roughly the size of the scallops.
Lancashire has a long and varied history in blood sausage production with the finest said to come from Bury The Bury Black Pudding company uses a secret recipe dating back over 100 years and, unsurprisingly receives orders from chefs all over the country We are lucky enough to get delicious black puddings from our own local butchers and always try to buy Bury puddings if we can.
Council chairman Steve Watkins said the Bumpylane Rare Breeds Welsh Organic Black Puddings was another example of producers and processors adapting to meet the growing demand for locally produced food.
A total of 29 Asdas in the north west now sell Bury Black Puddings, along with local branches of The Co-operative Group, while other multiples have also shown an interest.