black stork

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: stork - Old World stork that is glossy black above and white below
stork - large mostly Old World wading birds typically having white-and-black plumage
Ciconia, genus Ciconia - type genus of the Ciconiidae: European storks
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The last-mentioned area is suitable for observing the black stork, too.
The highly uncommon black stork has been spotted by bird watchers at Findhorn Bay.
The gift forms the centrepiece of a partnership between the firm and The Black Stork Charity, the organisation behind the new centre (DMRC) on the Stanford Hall Rehabilitation Estate in Nottinghamshire.
The biosphere reserve contains the largest floodplain forests of Slovenia and its rich biodiversity includes the sparkling blue Kingfisher, the black stork and the majestic white -- tailed eagle.
Curly and pink pelicans, black stork, common flamingo, bustard, demoiselle crane, black francolin and Caspian snowcock and all birds of prey are also prohibited for hunting.
The wetlands contain approximately 170 species of bird, including Black Stork, Graylag Goose, Grebe, Lapwing, and Black-winged Stilt.
The results showed that the main behaviors of the oriental white stork were resting foraging and moving which was similar to sympatric wintering large wading birds such as the black stork Ciconia nigra (Feng 2008) little egret Egretta garzetta and great egret Casmerodius albus (Zhang et al.
THE Black Stork is a bird that has been seen in Wales fewer than a dozen times ever, so it's not surprising that its arrival over Conwy Castle on Tuesday last week was greeted by dozens of noisy, mobbing gulls.
Armenian viper, Armenian gull, black stork, yellow wagtail, owl, pale harrier, hen harrier, peregrine, roody sheld duck, etc.).
An announcement from the convention's secretariat said that 100 CITES-listed species live in Lebanon, including the red fox, jungle cat, dalmatian pelican, black stork, greater flamingo, Eurasian spoonbill, common jackal, common wolf and wild cat.
Savour delicious cuisine and excellent wines; spot the black stork and white-spotted deer and ramble along a stunning coastline.
Birds like Northern Shoveler, Northern Pintail, Ruddy Shelduck, Red-Crested Pochard, Common Mergansar, Black Stork, Purple Heron and Indian Cormorant are some of the migratory birds that flock to the lake.