black walnut tree

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: walnut tree - North American walnut tree with hard dark wood and edible nutblack walnut tree - North American walnut tree with hard dark wood and edible nut
black walnut - American walnut having a very hard and thick woody shell
genus Juglans, Juglans - type genus of the Juglandaceae
walnut tree, walnut - any of various trees of the genus Juglans
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The black walnut came from the black walnut tree. A deciduous tree.
But when we had to cut down our 50-yearold black walnut tree, I knew I needed something special to commemorate the decades of shade and splendor that tree brought to our backyard.
We witnessed the remains of one mature black walnut tree on the back of a contractor's truck in the Goat Island parking lot to be carried off the land where it lived for a century.
There it was: white and gnarled, just at the base of the black walnut tree. They took a few steps closer, and then several hurried steps back, whining like trapped piglets.
One of the longtime woodworker's prized creations, a large armoire in his living room, came from a black walnut tree that took him three days of cutting to get out enough useable wood.
Susan Friedl asked the county's Heritage Committee to designate her black walnut tree at 160 Jerseyville Rd.
Birds we saw by Boggy Creek: Barred owl staring at us at dusk from a decrepit black walnut tree Red tail hawk in a sycamore: the first sighting ever was just after we heard Robert Creeley had died Nest of Night Herons Grackles always--also Inca doves, Goldfinch, Ruby Throated Hummingbirds and Nashville Warblers Once a Road Runner in the driveway--sighted during the unusually wet summer of 2008--probably enjoying the abundance of lizards, frogs and snakes The soil of this native meadow is deep and clay.
When we're ready, we head back into the kitchen, toss together a salad of tender barley and spring vegetables, and then bring it to a table shaded by a monumental black walnut tree. Flowers and a couple of bottles of Jim's own Malbec-Zinfandel blend, made from locally grown grapes, serve as our decorations.
It was placed in front of a black walnut tree. In September 2003, Hurricane Juan destroyed the tree and the plaque was removed for a while."
At the far end, a large black walnut tree is under-planted with bamboo and Leyland cypress, both vigorous plants but here stunted agreeably by the soil chemicals exuded by the walnut.
The building has also been sited to retain a large black walnut tree at the back of the site, which has become the focus of an outdoor play area that is clearly visible from the main entrance.