black willow

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: willow - North American shrubby willow having dark bark and linear leaves growing close to streams and lakesblack willow - North American shrubby willow having dark bark and linear leaves growing close to streams and lakes
genus Salix, Salix - a large and widespread genus varying in size from small shrubs to large trees: willows
willow, willow tree - any of numerous deciduous trees and shrubs of the genus Salix
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The Mojave Forks Dam was built in 1967, cutting off the Mojave River's seasonal floods that native trees need to propagate, like Fremont cottonwood and black willow. The river's new flow regime and decades of damage to soils from cattle and off-road vehicle use favored the spread of an exotic tree species called tamarisk, also known as saltcedar.
Higher ground water elevations make most areas unsuitable for sustaining mast tree species, primarily swamp white oak, Quercus bicolor, and current flows and channel depths prevent deposition of new alluvium required by pioneering tree species [Eastern cottonwood (Populus deltoids), black willow (Salix nigra), and river birch (Betula nigra)] for germination (Urich et al, 2002).
Eye-catching black willow, Salix gracilistyla 'Melanostachys', bears dark catkins with red anthers along vivid mahogany branches.
Black Willow Winery will be on hand with wine tasting, complimentary refreshments will be available, and attendees can shop from local entrepreneurs Bark for Biscuits Bakery, Big Cookie Cakes, Dove Chocolates, It's in the Design (unique Buffalo-shaped clocks), Jewelry in Candles, Origami Owl and Younique.
The five Double Gold winners were Odin's Nectar, a traditional honey mead and Valkyrie's Lure, a traditional mead with pear and cinnamon, both made by Black Willow Winery; the 2011 Vidal Blanc Ice Wine made by Leonard Oakes Estate Winery; and Treasure Beyond Measure, a sweet plum wine made by The Winery at Marjim Manor.
Additionally, the company hired a contractor to plant about 17,000 trees and shrubs that were native species, including sycamore, river birch, black willow, maple and oak.
On one side of my shooting lane stood thick black willow groves choked off by tall cut grass and brush.
We found the vegetation of the ephemeral pools to be overtopped by a canopy that consisted of sugarberry (Celtis laevigata), box elder (Acer negundo), black willow (Salix nigra), green hawthorn (Crataegus viridis), and red haw (Crataegus mollis) with a shrub component of black elderberry (Sambucus nigra), swamp dogwood (Cornus foemina), buttonbush (Cephalanthus occidentalis), and dwarf palmetto (Sabal minor).
Riparian vegetation, including elm (Ulmus crassifolia), black willow (Salix nigra), Texas ebony (Chloroleucon flexicaulis) and retama (Parkinsonia aculeta), is found along the margins of the Nueces, Frio, and Rio Grande rivers and their immediate tributaries.
With a mild coffee fragrance and hints of papaya, pumpkin, and black willow bark, it smells lovely.
A healthy bosque ecosystem includes cottonwood (Populus deltoides wislizeni) gallery forests with understories of coyote and black willow (Salix spp.).
It includes the metabolic booster, ergothioneine, which increases the oxygen levels on the skin, black willow bark, sandalwood and oak bark, pounds 34.99.

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