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seedy - full of seeds; "as seedy as a fig"
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The black-seeded pole bean is still available from heirloom nurseries such as Baker Creek.
I also had a salad with fresh spinach, black-seeded Simpson lettuce, arugula and baby red romaine lettuce.
Next year we're going to grow more s unflowers, especially black-seeded varieties, which are the most nutritious.
The seedless watermelon has overtaken the sales - and supermarket shelves - of seeded watermelon in the past 15 years, making it difficult to find a black-seeded watermelon.
Among green leaf lettuce varieties under identical light and growing conditions, the Concept variety had about 10 times the level of lutein as did Black-Seeded Simpson.
An added benefit of buying greens at a farmers' market is that the grower is right there, ready to answer your questions about variety, texture, and taste--and sometimes to tell stories too: Bill Coleman, of Coleman Family Farms, for instance, describes his vividly chartreuse Black-seeded Simpson as "nice for a romantic dinner--it glows in the dark.
A-55 is black-seeded, upright type IIA growth habit, developed by Singh et al.
A new black-seeded runner bean, Riley, is promising for those who seek early crops.
Leaf lettuces such as black-seeded Simpson will grow just about anywhere; Bibb or butterhead lettuces with their soft, wide leaves are good choices.
Black-Seeded Simpson is the first lettuce I ever grew and to this day it's my personal favorite.
CV-223, PI 633428) was developed and released by the Valle del Guadiana Experiment Station of the National Research Institute for Agriculture, Forestry, and Livestock (INIFAP) of Mexico as a high-yielding, disease-resistant, shiny black-seeded cultivar for rainfed conditions in the semiarid highlands of Mexico.
1] lower than that of commercial black-seeded culfivars grown at the same location.