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black tie

1. A black bow tie worn with a tuxedo.
2. Semiformal evening wear, usually requiring a tuxedo for men and an evening gown or cocktail dress for women.

black′-tie′ adj.


involving formal evening dress for men, including a dinner jacket or tuxedo and a bow tie
formal evening dress for men, including a dinner jacket or tuxedo and a bow tie

black′ tie′

1. a black bow tie, worn with semiformal evening dress.
2. semiformal evening dress for men.


requiring that male guests wear semiformal evening dress: a black-tie reception.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - moderately formalblack-tie - moderately formal; requiring a dinner jacket; "he wore semiformal attire"; "a black-tie dinner"
formal - being in accord with established forms and conventions and requirements (as e.g. of formal dress); "pay one's formal respects"; "formal dress"; "a formal ball"; "the requirement was only formal and often ignored"; "a formal education"
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Summary: Vanessa Williams, Adrien Brody, Luis Fonsi and Eva Longoria to raise money for charity at black-tie event
FUNERAL directors in Stockton have raised vital funds through a black-tie event to support the Great North Air Ambulance.
Conference and black-tie dinner - pounds 270 +VAT .
THE GALWAY festival social scene is lively at the best of times, and for those wanting a particularly glitzy bash next week, there are still tickets available for the black-tie function at the Hotel Meyrick, in aid of Fighting Blindness.
Q WHAT is the difference between a whitetie and a black-tie dinner?
OCBA Goes Black-tie: The Orange County Bar Association recently held its 10th Annual Black-tie Gala in Orlando.
The highlight of the November programme is the black-tie Charity Ball with the Stars on Saturday 25.
AT THE AMERICAN Enterprise Institute's annual dinner in March, a black-tie affair attended by Vice President Cheney and other Republican luminaries, Peruvian novelist Mario Vargas Llosa gave a keynote address in which he regretted that "repression takes priority over persuasion in the war on drugs.
The black-tie gala will be held on April 2 at the Garden City Hotel, Garden City, beginning with a cocktail hour at 7 p.
From the manner in which women and men coif their hair, to the suits and dresses they don for a black-tie event, a Saturday night date, a church social or a high-school prom, black people audaciously and consciously choose to express their individuality, celebrate their heritage and pride, and make their own stamp on society through their dress.
The black-tie ceremony also paid tribute to International CEO of the Year Steven Shindler of NII Holdings, Technology Leader of the Year Blanca Trevino de Vega of Softtek, Environmentalist of the Year Diana Pombo Holguin of Colombia and Humanitarian of the Year Juan Carlos Blumberg of Argentina.
When the project was completed, there was a black-tie dinner for thousands of press and VIPs.