blackboard eraser

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Noun1.blackboard eraser - an eraser that removes chalk marks from blackboardblackboard eraser - an eraser that removes chalk marks from blackboard
eraser - an implement used to erase something
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The answer to ethical leadership has been found 1000 years go in a) self-leadership = self observation + self management b) Self trait analysis c) Self reflection - blackboard eraser technique and d) Self regulation - re-frame technique."
Previous educational supplies were limited to chalks, blackboard eraser, and books.
But we will learn nothing from this debacle if the word "mistake" can be used like a blackboard eraser just to wipe the slate clean.
Two of her cloaks were print overblouses that protected her dresses from blackboard eraser dust, slivers of crayons and paint drips.
("Would you like a pwesent?") He said he used to be an elementary school teacher; we figured his students must have hid the blackboard eraser and made faces behind his back.