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In 1804, Leslie reported that the emission of surfaces depended on their nature and established the primacy of lampblack as a blackbody surface [6].
Mather (NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center) presented a new spectrum derived from hundreds of millions of COBE measurements [that is] indistinguishable from the theoretical curve for a 2.726[degrees] Kelvin blackbody....
To produce a mixed white light with a color temperature of around 4000 K with phosphor Y-561 and the blue LED, the concentration of phosphors was calculated from the intersection coordinates of the two lines on the CIE chromaticity diagram: the first being the locus of blackbody radiation at 4000 K; the other line being the connection points between the blue LED spectrum and the Y-561 phosphor emission spectrum.
Therefore, we conclude that the Hawking radiation for macroscopic black hole is proportional to the area of black hole, as much as Planck's blackbody radiation spectrum is proportional to the area of blackbody.
A blackbody to provide the reference radiance temperature necessary for sensor calibration is mounted directly on the tilting mechanism.
He said that anything our eyes can see is not a perfect blackbody because if it could absorb all the light, it will not be visible to us.
It is known that all objects with a temperature above absolute zero radiate electromagnetic waves, and this phenomenon is known as blackbody radiation.
The positive signal peaks above the blackbody curve corresponding to the thick clouds are a local effect due to the emission of the first part of the measurement path, which is inside the protected chimney, just above the instrument, and therefore at higher temperature than outside (chimney effect).
The benefits of the carbon nanotube based solar water heaters is the property of carbon nanotubes as a near blackbody absorber, allowing the absorption of >98% of the solar energy [Zhang 2005].
[T.sub.g] = equivalent blackbody temperature of ground surface (K or R)
We emphasize that our proposal is general and can be applied to further broaden the absorption bandwidth with more slow-wave structures integrated in a unit cell, allowing for realization of thin film thermal emitters and blackbody emission.
The term "full spectrum" typically implies either a blackbody source (for color temperatures below 4,000K) or a CIE daylight illuminant.