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v. black·ened, black·en·ing, black·ens
1. To make black.
2. To sully or defame: a scandal that blackened the mayor's name.
3. To coat (fish or meat, for example) with pepper and other spices and then quickly sear in a very hot skillet, thereby producing meat that is black on the outside but tender on the inside.
To become dark or black: The day blackened into night.

black′en·er n.


someone who blackens
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With lontar, as is well known, the writing itself is created by colourless incisions which are only subsequently made visible by the application of oily lampblack or a similar soot-based blackener.
The nation's equivalent of the surgeon general needing a month to recover from an overdose of overthecounter hair blackener?)
Presto Black BST4 brush-on liquid is a fast-acting, cold blackener for iron and non-stainless steels.