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1. Makeup for a conventionalized comic travesty of black people, especially in a minstrel show.
2. An actor wearing such makeup in a minstrel show.


1. (Theatre)
a. a performer made up to imitate a Black person
b. the make-up used by such a performer, usually consisting of burnt cork
2. (Animals) a breed of sheep having a dark face



a. black facial makeup, orig. burnt cork, worn by theatrical performers, esp. in minstrel shows.
b. a performer wearing such makeup.
2. a heavy-faced type.
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Noun1.blackface - the makeup (usually burnt cork) used by a performer in order to imitate a Negroblackface - the makeup (usually burnt cork) used by a performer in order to imitate a Negro
makeup, make-up, war paint - cosmetics applied to the face to improve or change your appearance
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Both the Hill Cheviot and Blackfaces easily maintained late extreme rates with Hill Cheviots to PS67.
The Mule ewe lambs bred from North of England type Blackfaces was the largest class on the field with more than 40 entries of outstanding lambs.
50 Cooms; Blackfaces pounds 47 Townshields, pounds 45.
Frank Hall will be master judge and will be assessing nine classes of Blackfaces supplied from the Tinnis, Kirkstead, Carrick, Sewingshields, Edges Green and Nilston Rigg flocks, Blue-faced Leicesters from Gallowshill, Mules from Lowesfell and Swaledales from Stonehall.
Ewe hoggs to pounds 40 for Greyfaces from Townfoot, Eals with Blackfaces to pounds 36.
Hill ewes to pounds 27 for Blackfaces from Redesmouth.
Home bred, she is one of the farm's 1,200 sheep ( 600 Scotch Blackfaces and 600 Cheviots.
50 for Greyfaces from Rinnion Hills, Blackfaces pounds 30 Patervan.
Indeed, had it not been for Tommy and his son Robert, I would have had no Blackfaces to steward.
Correct ewes to pounds 24 for Blackfaces from Birkhill, correct belows to pounds 20 for Cheviot crosses and Beulahs from Fellview.
We have 20 pure Texels which we put to the Beltex last autumn and we also crossed the Beltex to 20 Scotch Blackfaces which have produced fantastic lambs.
The show consisted of two sections, which were the North of England Blackfaces and the Scottish Type Blackfaces.