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 (blăg′ərd, -ärd′)
1. A thoroughly unprincipled person; a scoundrel.
2. A foul-mouthed person.
tr.v. black·guard·ed, black·guard·ing, black·guards
To abuse verbally; revile.

black′guard·ism n.
black′guard·ly adj. & adv.


behavior typical of a blackguard, characterized by use of obscene language and by roguish actions. — blackguardery, n.blackguardly, adj.
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Their houses may be crowded with low, vulgar, filthy trash, exposing their wives to all kinds of blackguardism, and they have no fears of their doing wrong.
In May 1857, a leader in The Hertfordshire Advertiser stated: As we are lovers of good order and social improvement, we can but deeply deplore the blackguardism which, once a year, has been allowed to establish its saturnalia in the quiet village of Harpenden.
Mr McLoone said: "This is a day of national protest in support of the workers at Irish Ferries, but also a demonstration that wants to send a very clear message to government that we do not want a society that is founded on injustice, blackguardism, and the exploitation of workers.