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 (blăg′ərd, -ärd′)
1. A thoroughly unprincipled person; a scoundrel.
2. A foul-mouthed person.
tr.v. black·guard·ed, black·guard·ing, black·guards
To abuse verbally; revile.

black′guard·ism n.
black′guard·ly adj. & adv.


behavior typical of a blackguard, characterized by use of obscene language and by roguish actions. — blackguardery, n.blackguardly, adj.
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At times (and even omitting the workers'-paradise factor), conversions have necessitated financial punishment, such as adopting modish anti-Catholic blackguardism would have forever dispelled.
A member of the Prince of Wales's Brighton circle, he was nicknamed "Hellgate" for his blackguardism.
Their houses may be crowded with low, vulgar, filthy trash, exposing their wives to all kinds of blackguardism, and they have no fears of their doing wrong.