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Adj.1.blackish-brown - of brown tinged with blackblackish-brown - of brown tinged with black    
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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Pollution washed up on the beach at Roker, Sunderland, while patches of the blackish-brown liquid were spotted between Whitley Bay and Seaburn on Sunday.
(Figure 1) Characteristically the malignant cells also possessed intra-cytoplasmic fine, granular, blackish-brown pigments; which were morphologically suggestive of melanin.
Ears are short and rounded with long tragus, pelage color of dorsal side is brown, wing membranes and ears are blackish-brown (Chan et al., 2009).
Common swifts are 16-17 cm (6.3-6.7 in) long with a wingspan of 38-40 cm (15-16 in) and entirely blackish-brown except for a small white or pale grey patch on their chins which is not visible from a distance.
The upperparts of the Swordfish are blackish-brown and fade into light-brown or grey on the underside (Nakamura 1985).
Bizenware is known for its distinctive reddish-to blackish-brown color.
However, callus cultured in 200 and 300 mM NaCl turn blackish-brown and stiff and acutely-necrotic.
TELIA also hypophyllous, blackish-brown; scattered or grouped, rounded or elliptic, 0.3-1 mm., pulverulent; TELIOSPORES ellipsoid or clavate, 40-60 x 22.5-27.5 um, circular at both ends or somewhat pointed above and tapered below, septa generally constricted, light brown, 2-celled, papilla brown, 5-10 x 15-22.5 um, wall thick, brown, 2-3.5 um, thick at the sides, upper cell pore is apical, lower cell pore is near the septum; pedicel elongated, persistent, hyaline, 17.5-125 x 12.5 um in size.
They get orange on the bottom instead of green, and the purple tops get almost blackish-brown. They worked best in a mixed tomato salad, as the flavor didn't stand on its own.--Donald J.
Look for adult eagles to have a blackish-brown back and breast, a white head, neck, and tail, and yellow feet and beak.
The most colorful of all penguins, they have silvery-grey backs with blackish-brown heads and striking orange ear patches.
Made in the usual soy sauce to give it that perfect blackish-brown look, it was garnished with boiled eggs and chunks of juicy pineapple for a great preparation.