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 (blăk′wŏsh′, -wôsh′)
tr.v. black·washed, black·wash·ing, black·wash·es
To bring from concealment; disclose.

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vb (tr)
informal to present (someone or something) in the worst possible light
[C21: coined as an opposite to whitewash]
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Noun1.blackwash - an attack intended to ruin someone's reputation
calumniation, calumny, defamation, hatchet job, traducement, obloquy - a false accusation of an offense or a malicious misrepresentation of someone's words or actions
2.blackwash - a mixture of calomel and limewater that is used on syphilitic soresblackwash - a mixture of calomel and limewater that is used on syphilitic sores
lotion, application - liquid preparation having a soothing or antiseptic or medicinal action when applied to the skin; "a lotion for dry skin"
limewater - solution of calcium hydroxide in water used as an antacid
calomel, mercurous chloride - a tasteless colorless powder used medicinally as a cathartic
3.blackwash - a wash that colors a surface black
wash - a thin coat of water-base paint
Verb1.blackwash - bring (information) out of concealmentblackwash - bring (information) out of concealment
disclose, let on, divulge, expose, give away, let out, reveal, unwrap, discover, bring out, break - make known to the public information that was previously known only to a few people or that was meant to be kept a secret; "The auction house would not disclose the price at which the van Gogh had sold"; "The actress won't reveal how old she is"; "bring out the truth"; "he broke the news to her"; "unwrap the evidence in the murder case"
2.blackwash - color with blackwashblackwash - color with blackwash      
color, color in, colorise, colorize, colour in, colourise, colourize, colour - add color to; "The child colored the drawings"; "Fall colored the trees"; "colorize black and white film"
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"The BlackWash blade finish looks great and the works feel wonderful in my hand." Because this knife has an aluminum handle, it's the only folder Hank uses to process chickens.
Defeat for Wales avoided a second successive blackwash for the visitors, who returned home with a 3-1 series loss.
Not only is it light--1.9 ounces--it's sleek and has an undeniable tactical aura, thanks to its BlackWash finish.
The Lions returned home with their tails between their legs after a 3-0 'blackwash' at the hands of the All Blacks.
GRAHAM HENRY wished Sir Clive Woodward good luck in his new job at Southampton after watching his side complete a Blackwash of the Lions.
The Lions' prospects of defeating New Zealand have been dismissed in many quarters, with Mains joining their army of critics' The brutal reality is his(Woodward's) team have done nothing in the first five games of the tour for me to rethink my 3-0 'blackwash' prediction,' said Mains.
Still a Test rookie, he failed to T make the cut for Sir Clive Woodward's Lions squad but was summoned as a replacement and was the standout player as he came home with his reputation enhanced despite New Zealand running riot for a 3-0 'Blackwash'.
With the series lost, a Blackwash on the cards and more than half of last week's team changed, England find themselves in a hole in Hamilton.
In fact, all he has managed on Lions Test duty so far is a few minutes off the replacement bench in the third Test during the New Zealand 'blackwash' of Sir Clive Woodward's 2005 tourists.
His charges into open space, breaking the gain-line, ensured he was one of the few Lions to return from the ill-fated Blackwash tour to New Zealand in 2005 with an enhanced reputation.
The outside-half started the first and last Tests, coming on as a substitute in the second, as Woodward's wacky plans collapsed under an embarrassing Blackwash.
BLACKWASH: New Zealand's Dan Carter holds down England's Luke Narraway Picture: AP