bladder stone

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Noun1.bladder stone - a calculus formed in the bladderbladder stone - a calculus formed in the bladder  
calculus, concretion - a hard lump produced by the concretion of mineral salts; found in hollow organs or ducts of the body; "renal calculi can be very painful"
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(10,26) Following bladder augmentation, patients must catheterize regularly and perform bladder irrigations with water to minimize infection risk and prevent bladder stone formation.
But she was shocked when vets pulled out the gigantic bladder stone at PDSA's Derby Pet Hospital.
Running the simulation further, the population was assumed to be at risk each year of developing different catheter-related complications (i.e., symptomatic UTI, bacteremia due to UTI, epididymitis, stricture, and bladder stone), and finally, death.
The causes of bladder stone formation in children Vit.
Bladder stone disease in children clinical studies.
Summary: Eight-year old Aliya Al Muheiri wasn't daunted while enacting a keyhole surgery on a dummy in the operation theatre removing a gall bladder stone and a cyst at the Abu Dhabi Science Festival, which opened across the emirate on October 10.
While this treatment is still speculative, glucosamine is safe to give and may be helpful in preventing CaOx bladder stone formation.
Some of the most common minimally invasive surgeries in our country are gall bladder stone removal, hernia, appendicitis, weight loss surgery, gastric reflux surgery, colon surgery, hysterectomy and fibroids Dr Deep Goel, head of minimally invasive and bariatric surgery, Artemis Health Institute, says the minimal invasive surgery has made gall bladder operations much simpler.
Depending on where a stone is located, it may be called a kidney stone, ureteral stone or bladder stone. Each year, thousands of patients across the region are hospitalised for stones in their urinary tract.
A giant molded gall bladder stone following choledochal ascariasis was reported by de Juan MARTIN M et al.
"From my point of view, it wouldn't be a serious issue because he has been so many times given clean chit by many doctors, except in 2008; he had gall bladder stone surgery and after that he has been expressing himself that, 'I am very good, my health has no problems," said Wangyal.
[2] The most common causes of urinary bladder stone formation are well known: urinary tract infection (UTI), obstruction in the urinary tract that causes fluid stasis, enlargement of the prostate gland in men, and encrustation around foreign body that is present in the bladder.