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A SERIAL blagger managed to rub shoulders with the country's sporting elite after sneaking into the Sports Personality of The Year Awards.
But somehow Infantino survived the toxic old blagger's recommendation to be the surprise choice as his successor at FIFA.
So it's going to be pretty easy to spot a tangoed blagger walking down the red carpet.
The report also revealed officers in one investigation had found a document entitled "The Blagger's Manual", which explained ways of getting personal information by calling companies, banks, HM Revenue and Customs, councils, utility providers and the NHS.
With a hole in the church accounts, it seems financial salvation has arrived, but the vicar takes a gamble when serial blagger Mick arrives with a much bigger request than his usual pounds 20.
A COVENTRY binman has quit his day job to become Britain's biggest blagger.
No, I'm not on about the brave soul who banjaxed the tooled-up blagger with a chair, but the chap who kept feeding the one-arm bandit with all hell breaking loose around him.
MANAGER OF THE YEAR Or should that be blagger of the year?
Exhibiting a blagger's charm, Visconti inveigled his way into the New York-based Richmond Organisation and soon found himself on his way to the UK to work in the studio's London operation.
ON THE WEBSITE...TOP 4 THINGS TODAY ARE: 1 WATCH: Top blagger mixes with the stars AGAIN backstage at MTV EMA Awards.
CHANCER Blagger and the champ bold as brass Fan Brian Linehan with Conor McGregor at Vegas party