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tr.v. blamed, blam·ing, blames
1. To consider responsible for a misdeed, failure, or undesirable outcome: blamed the coach for the loss; blamed alcohol for his bad behavior.
2. To find fault with; criticize: I can't blame you for wanting your fair share.
3. To place responsibility for (something): blamed the crisis on poor planning.
1. The state of being responsible for a fault or error; culpability.
2. Censure; condemnation: "Hoover hazarded more in the way of federal response to economic crisis than any president before him, but his efforts were not enough to divert the blame and wrath of the American people" (Michael B. Stoff).
to blame
1. Deserving censure or disapproval; at fault: an investigation to determine who was to blame for the leak.
2. Being the cause or source of something: A freak storm was to blame for the power outage.

[Middle English blamen, from Old French blasmer, blamer, from Vulgar Latin *blastēmāre, alteration of Late Latin blasphēmāre, to reproach; see blaspheme.]

blam′a·ble, blame′a·ble adj.
blam′a·bly, blame′a·bly adv.
blam′er n.
Synonyms: blame, fault, guilt
These nouns denote responsibility for an offense or error. Blame stresses the assignment of accountability and often connotes censure or criticism: The police laid the blame for the accident on the driver.
Fault suggests a failure or deficiency on the part of the responsible party: It's my own fault that I wasn't prepared for the exam.
Guilt applies to willful wrongdoing and stresses moral or legal transgression: The prosecution had evidence of the defendant's guilt.
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Adj.1.blameable - deserving blame or censure as being wrong or evil or injuriousblameable - deserving blame or censure as being wrong or evil or injurious; "blameworthy if not criminal behavior"; "censurable misconduct"; "culpable negligence"
guilty - responsible for or chargeable with a reprehensible act; "guilty of murder"; "the guilty person"; "secret guilty deeds"


also blameable


, blamable (US)
References in classic literature ?
If it is blameable in Skimpole to take the note, it is blameable in Bucket to offer the note--much more blameable in Bucket, because he is the knowing man.
who have often disdained the generous candour of my sister, and gratified my vanity in useless or blameable mistrust
As for Jones, he was well satisfied with the truth of what the other had asserted, and believed that Partridge had no other inducements but love to him, and zeal for the cause; a blameable want of caution and diffidence in the veracity of others, in which he was highly worthy of censure.
You are resolved to think him blameable, because he took leave of us with less affection than his usual behaviour has shewn.
you asked the question as if there was nothing blameable in it--as if you thought it quite natural.
Given the Greek prefixes that are added to the word "topos," "eu"-"topias" are good places that gather together the happy, functional features of the mundus, while "dys"-"topias" are bad places composed of the deplorable and blameable features of the mundus.
The Greek kingdom did not follow the example of Piedmont, which "began by organizing her finances, and developing her material resources," as Greece "was possessed with the 'nationality' craze," its claims, "which are not blameable in the Greek kingdom, are eagerly appropriated and ably used by other powers who hope to land big fish for themselves out of the troubled waters in the East.
who have often disdained the generous candour of my sister, and gratified my vanity, in useless or blameable distrust.
We notice that Romanian mythology and folklore are, compared to the Greek and Roman mythologies, much poorer in showing situations of the suicide act, because the traditional mentality has always considered it a blameable deed, because, according to Christian religious precepts and to the Romanian's psycho-spiritual structure, life is a divine gift and must be treated as such, Man being the only being capable of realising and sublimating the true meaning of one's existence.
141) While publishing two further pieces in favour of the defenders, (142) The Weekly Magazine, Or, Edinburgh Amusement did, however, give some space to the opposing view, publishing a letter warning readers not 'to be led astray by the empty sound of liberty' and asserting that the almanac makers were 'highly blameable in attempting to copy from the Book of Roads, because, when they were doing so, they were appropriating to themselves what belonged to another'.
The answer is very simple; the regime of General Kiir Mayardit is blameable in all these messes going on in the entire Republic of South Sudan and the State as well.
of passions into praiseworthy and blameable is nearly identical in the