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Free of blame or guilt; innocent.

blame′less·ly adv.
blame′less·ness n.
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Noun1.blamelessness - a state of innocenceblamelessness - a state of innocence      
innocence - a state or condition of being innocent of a specific crime or offense; "the trial established his innocence"
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Bingley, when questioned by Jane, had long ago asserted his blamelessness in the affair; that proud and repulsive as were his manners, she had never, in the whole course of their acquaintance-- an acquaintance which had latterly brought them much together, and given her a sort of intimacy with his ways-- seen anything that betrayed him to be unprincipled or unjust--anything that spoke him of irreligious or immoral habits; that among his own connections he was esteemed and valued-- that even Wickham had allowed him merit as a brother, and that she had often heard him speak so affectionately of his sister as to prove him capable of some amiable feeling; that had his actions been what Mr.
I know it is not; but their blamelessness does not make me love them more.
285, 293 (2012); John Shepard Wiley Jr., Not Guilty by Reason of Blamelessness: Culpability in Federal Criminal Interpretation, 85 VA.
Identifying rationality with mere blamelessness is problematic because being rational is a positive status, rather than just an exculpatory one.
In the days following Jaquin's death, agencies within New Orleans' criminal justice system were once again called to task, and each put forward arguments for their own blamelessness. In response to cries that a child should not have to spend months in jail before his court case even begins, the district attorney reminded city residents that Jaquin's time in jail fell well within the 120-day window in which his office decides whether or not to pursue the case.
As Elise Salem emphasizes, excavating cultural productions that explode national "myths" about the blamelessness of non-state actors in the Lebanese Civil War is crucial to raising awareness and envisioning a more just Lebanon:
Eide said everyone was responsible for the failure, which undermined Anastasiades' claim of blamelessness.
In this paper the authors develop a general normative framework for criticisability, blamelessness, and blameworthiness in action.
In 3.6, moreover, Cynthia interweaves accusations about the lover-poet's infidelity with statements about her own blamelessness (3.6.21-24):
So those who thought that I had contradicted my bold opening claims about the blamelessness of negligence by making a case for the blameworthiness of character must recognize that the former does not follow from the latter.
On the contrary, Dante focuses primarily on children's neediness and vulnerability: as we will see, their unique innocence, resulting from their blamelessness, is what differentiates children from adults, a distinction that Dante will later clarify in his poem.
This monument was planted there to honor that sacrifice, but also to establish the very pastness of supremacist violence, but the poem refuses the story of Northern racial blamelessness. The Union fought over what forms of limited sovereignty capitalist democracy could bear: encountering a celebration of this low bar imaginary makes Lowell gratified and sick.