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 (blănch) also blench (blĕnch)
v. blanched, blanch·ing, blanch·es also blenched or blench·ing or blench·es
1. To take the color from; bleach.
2. To whiten (a growing plant or plant part) by covering to cut off direct light.
3. To whiten (a metal) by soaking in acid or by coating with tin.
a. To scald (almonds, for example) in order to loosen the skin.
b. To scald (food) briefly, as before freezing or as a preliminary stage in preparing a dish.
5. To cause to turn white or become pale.
To turn white or become pale: Their faces blanched in terror.

[Middle English blaunchen, to make white, from Old French blanchir, from blanche, feminine of blanc, white, of Germanic origin; see bhel- in Indo-European roots.]

blanch′er n.


someone who blanches
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An International Monetary Fund (IMF) staff team led by Nicolas Blancher visited Morocco from October 25 to November 7, 2017 to conduct discussions with the Moroccan authorities on the 2017 Article IV consultation, as well as on the third review under the Precautionary and Liquidity Line (PLL) arrangement approved in July 2016.
Nicolas Blancher, who led the team, said, "Overall, macroeconomic fundamentals and the prospects for 2017 are sound: following last year's drought, growth is expected to rebound this year to 4.
At the end of a 10-day mission to the country in July, the IMF's Nicolas Blancher supported Morocco's plans to move its currency gradually to a flexible exchange rate and said there was "no fundamental reason for the dirham to depreciate".
Resident Billi Blancher, who lived upstairs, said she awoke to the sound of her downstairs neighbor pounding on her door.
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Blancher a publie une declaration qui souligne qu'une gestion macroeconomique prudente et la poursuite des reformes structurelles ont ete benefiques pour le Maroc au cours des dernieres annees.
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There was everything, from poultry to seafood, diverse kinds of roasts, barbecue, salads with different dressing, soups, a range of breads, desserts such as custard, jelly, Umm Ali, puddings, French pastry, cream Carmela, live cooking of Kebbeh Labaniyeh, which you can tweak according to your taste, Shawarma, Mantos and Yoghmush (dumplings stuffed with mince and labna), Jarish (oats), Ouzi, grilled beef with mushrooms, Potato Blancher, mozzarella chicken rolls, grilled shrimps (chef's special), grilled salmon with fennel, Pasta Al Forno, Hot Mezza, fried eggplant, Hammour Samaka Harra, mixed grill, Moroccan Chicken Tagine and traditional Moroccan couscous.
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