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Noun1.bland diet - a diet of foods that are not irritatingbland diet - a diet of foods that are not irritating; "he ate a bland diet because of his colitis"
diet - a prescribed selection of foods
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Sticking to a bland diet will help to reduce nausea.
The Ashbourne, Co Meath, man had been in constant pain for the last decade, living on a bland diet of yoghurt, Weetabix and soup - as even biting into a sandwich left him howling in pain.
Assuming the patient appears happy and healthy otherwise, initially I would recommend a bland diet (ideally a veterinary intestinal formula), veterinary probiotics and broad-spectrum round and tapeworm treatment.
If you fall prey to TD, you can minimize symptoms by eating a bland diet consisting of soft, low-fiber foods that are not spicy, and by taking anti-diarrheal and--depending on the cause--antibiotic medications.
Post-operatively animal was maintained with intravenous 5% Dextrose normal saline and Ringers lactate for first 4 days twice daily and after 4 day dog was maintained on highly digestible bland diet for 5 days.
Goldie doesn't like the bland diet of her fine-feathered friends, which leads them to believe she is a snob.
was instructed to maintain a soft, bland diet and low level of exertion until she was cleared by the specialist.
Men who ate spicy food at least once a week were 10 percent less likely to die during the seven-year study period than were those with a more bland diet.
soil, Bergdahl, who can walk on his own, has been on a bland diet and has shown a fondness for peanut butter, officials said.
Initially, a bland diet will allow the dog's digestive system to regularise (unless the diet includes one of these ingredients causing the allergy in your dog, in which case you will know very quickly which food causes the symptoms).
I have tried diet food that really made me feel sorry for myself, so the one major thing that would really determine the success of this NUIU diet was if the food didn't taste like the usual bland diet food.
It means she survives on a bland diet of salad, potatoes, pasta, fish and plain toast.