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[7] If the invasion of the legitimate sphere of prose in England by the spirit of poetry, weaker or stronger, has been something far deeper than is indicated by that tendency to write unconscious blank verse, which has made it feasible to transcribe about one-half of Dickens's otherwise so admirable Barnaby Rudge in blank-verse lines, a tendency (outdoing our old friend M.
I wrote, I wrote everything--ponderous essays, scientific and sociological short stories, humorous verse, verse of all sorts from triolets and sonnets to blank verse tragedy and elephantine epics in Spenserian stanzas.
The Passing of Arthur is written in blank verse, that is verse which does not rhyme, and which depends like the old English verse on the accent.
Whether or not any stanza form is as well adapted as blank verse or the rimed couplet for prolonged narrative is an interesting question, but there can be no doubt that Spenser's stanza, firmly unified, in spite of its length, by its central couplet and by the finality of the last line, is a discovery of genius, and that the Alexandrine, 'forever feeling for the next stanza,' does much to bind the stanzas together.
For a time, so steeped was he in the plays and in the many favorite passages that impressed themselves almost without effort on his brain, that all the world seemed to shape itself into forms of Elizabethan tragedy or comedy and his very thoughts were in blank verse. It trained his ear and gave him a fine appreciation for noble English; withal it introduced into his mind much that was archaic and obsolete.
He pioneered what came to be called 'Amitrakshar Chhanda' (blank verse).
Who has not waited for that special moment, when a poem in rhyme or in blank verse would come unsought?
The shouters largely recycled legitimate objections to Robert Fitzgerald's still-popular 1983 blank verse translation, which left out significant content and nuances to achieve its elegance.
It seems odd to start a review with such unmitigated praise, but I am confident that readers will find much to admire here, including but not limited to its unexpected conjunctions between the development of blank verse and the mapping of England in tourist guides and the Ordnance Survey, fine close readings of poetry keenly attuned to effects of metre and marking, a challenging connection between geographical notation and elocution, and new insights on the voicing of print in Romantic culture.
Rashid, he was a leading poet of the group Halqa-e Arbab-e Zauq, which broke away from the classic convention of Radeef and Qafia, explored the rich resources of blank verse and free verse.
Narrated in blank verse by Declan, this sparse yet lyrical novel uses Ireland's ancient lore mixed with contemporary life to create a fantastical journey and a heartbreaking romance.
--see sskseek[.]" "Shutter" reduces the standard sonnet's iambic pentameter to a few syllables per line--"As she slept / late / below"--but brings to the surface the sonnet's barely submerged eroticism: "the naked / skylight / he lapped / her breastj.]" Paterson uses blank verse in "The Foot" to tell a heartbreaking story of violence in Gaza.