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(Arch.) See False door, above.

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Riverside councillor Iona Gordon appealed to the committee to impose a condition which requires the shop to have a blank window display.
So I decided it was about time I sorted out this blank window and chose one online - a rather striking picture of Che Guevara, one of my heroes from another age.
Set up the feed by copying and pasting the URL for your desired RSS feed in the blank window.
Its location is highlighted by a blank window incorporated into the background design.
There are apparently no immediate WBX plans for the former - "it would just be a blank window" - but an API element is in development.
And why not send the bill to the relevant record company, band or dance club when we have to remove the wretched fly-posters they plaster on every blank window and wall?
One, Bracket 6, was hinged at right angles to the wall, as though a blank window or door, while the second, Bracket 7, was curled to create a concave mirror nestled inside a smaller open box frame.
The old box-pews were cleared out and the distinguished local architect Julius Chatwin was appointed to enlarge the church by creating a new chancel and Mrs Emma Chadwick Villers-Wilkes agreed to pay for some stained glass to fill the blank window.
In the exhibition's first works, domain names blocked in China--including Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram--have been entered into the browser search fields or navigation bars of otherwise blank windows that reveal the results of these searches; phrases such as "This webpage is not available" directly convey the reality of the Web behind the "firewall.