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1. Committing or tending to commit blasphemy.
2. Constituting blasphemy.

[Middle English blasfemous, from Late Latin blasphēmus, from Greek blasphēmos, from blasphēmein, to blaspheme; see blaspheme.]

blas′phe·mous·ly adv.
blas′phe·mous·ness n.
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the quality of being blasphemous
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None of the critics comment on this bizarre final monologue, although a few do speak generally of the Europe's blasphemousness? Only Herbert Gorman, in The Sun, and Nelson Crawford, in Poetry (Crawford 341), felt that Roth's disquisitions on history and politics were without coherent purpose.
To date, the most pernicious joker to surface from the deck was surely the fatwa (legal judgment) leveled against Salman Rushdie in February 1989 by Iranian ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini for the perceived blasphemousness of The Satanic Verses (1988).