blast away

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w>blast away

vi (with gun) → drauflosschießen or -ballern (inf); (radio, rock band etc)dröhnen
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Lindgren and Robson made the perfect pair of gates at the start of heat five to blast away from Nichols, who hit the gate hard and made up ground, but not enough to get up with the Diamonds, who won an unexpected maximum - taking the score to 20-10.
Pictures posted on the group's website show rows of men lying face down in trenches while their executioners blast away.
There are now no reserve cars left but it's hoped a full grid of 56 will make it to the start on June 14, when the 29 prototypes and 27 GTs blast away at 3pm BST.
Based on a graphic novel, this is a B-movie caper - which reeks of the inspiration of Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez - about bounty killers who blast away fat cat, white-collar villains after the planet has been devastated by their greed.
Since this appalling call will be a nocturnal affair these misguided "marksmen" will blast away at anything that moves, so keep your pets indoors
BLAST away those cobwebs with Tiger Balm, an energising mix of menthol, camphor and mint oil that's also a proven painkiller - ideal if your house is set to be as noisy as mine this Christmas.
It's the latest initiative to help Ruby, who is less than two months away from finishing chemotherapy to blast away the tumour that stretched across the back of her head.
Simply attach to your garden hose to blast away dirt and grime from patios and driveways, gutters and steps.
Flower and Tatenda Taibu can shore up the tourists' innings, while the likes of Brendan Taylor, Hamilton Masakadza and Elton Chigumbura blast away.
SOUL and funk will blast away the cobwebs as a defunct cinema becomes the newest live music venue.
THE massive lake caused by the Chinese earthquake was still rising last night despite military efforts to blast away the wall of debris that made it.
In winter, alpine gales blast away dried-up plants and any hitchhikers.