blast off

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a. A very strong gust of wind or air.
b. The effect of such a gust.
2. A forcible stream of air, gas, or steam from an opening, especially one in a blast furnace to aid combustion.
a. A sudden loud sound, especially one produced by a stream of forced air: a piercing blast from the steam whistle.
b. The act of producing such a sound: gave a blast on his trumpet.
a. A violent explosion, as of dynamite or a bomb.
b. The violent effect of such an explosion, consisting of a wave of increased atmospheric pressure followed immediately by a wave of decreased pressure.
c. An explosive charge.
5. Botany Any of several plant diseases of diverse causes, resulting in sudden death of buds, flowers, foliage, or young fruits.
6. A destructive or damaging influence.
7. A powerful hit, blow, or shot.
8. A violent verbal assault or outburst: The candidate leveled a blast at her opponent.
9. Slang A highly exciting or pleasurable experience or event, such as a big party.
v. blast·ed, blast·ing, blasts
1. To knock down or shatter by explosion; smash.
2. To play or sound loudly: The amplifiers blasted the music.
a. To cause to move with great force; hurl: The volcanic eruption blasted rock far and wide.
b. To make or open by explosion: blast a tunnel through the mountains.
a. To shoot or destroy by shooting: fighter jets trying to blast each other out of the sky.
b. Sports To hit, kick, or shoot (a ball or puck) with great force.
5. To have a harmful or destructive effect on: a loss that blasted our hopes of making the playoffs.
6. To criticize or attack vigorously: blasted the mayor for hypocrisy.
7. To cause to shrivel, wither, or mature imperfectly by blast or blight: crops that were blasted by frost.
1. To use or detonate explosives.
2. To emit a loud, intense sound; blare: speakers blasting at full volume.
3. To discharge a weapon. especially repeatedly; shoot: blasted away at the target.
4. To attack someone or something verbally; criticize.
5. To move with great speed or power: a motorcycle blasting down the road.
6. Electronics To distort sound recording or transmission by overloading a microphone or loudspeaker.
7. To wither or shrivel or mature imperfectly.
Phrasal Verb:
blast off
To take off, as a rocket.
full blast
At full speed, volume, or capacity: turned the radio up full blast.

[Middle English, from Old English blǣst; see bhlē- in Indo-European roots.]

blast′er n.
Synonyms: blast, blight, dash1, wither, wreck
These verbs mean to have a pernicious, destructive, or ruinous effect on something: actions that blasted any chance for peace; a neighborhood blighted by poverty; ambitions dashed by lack of funds; a harsh critique that withered their enthusiasm; a life wrecked by depression.
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Verb1.blast off - launch with great forceblast off - launch with great force; "the rockets were blasted off"
launch - propel with force; "launch the space shuttle"; "Launch a ship"
havalanmakkalkış, havalanma

w>blast off

vi (rocket, astronaut)abheben, starten


(blaːst) noun
1. a strong, sudden stream (of air). a blast of cold air.
2. a loud sound. a blast on the horn.
3. an explosion. the blast from a bomb.
1. to tear (apart etc) by an explosion. The door was blasted off its hinges.
2. (often with out) to come or be sent out, very loudly. Music (was being) blasted out from the radio.
ˈblasting noun
in mining etc, the breaking up of rock etc by explosives.
blast furnace noun
a furnace for melting iron ore using blasts of hot air.
at full blast
at full power, speed etc. He had the radio going at full blast (= as loud as possible).
blast off (of rockets, spacecraft etc) to take off and start to rise ( ˈblast-off) noun
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