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or blas·to·coele  (blăs′tə-sēl′)
The fluid-filled, central cavity of a blastula. Also called segmentation cavity.

blas′to·coe′lic adj.
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(Biology) of or relating to the blastocoel
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Adj.1.blastocoelic - of or relating to a segmentation cavity
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Prior to blastocoelic fluid aspiration and trophectoderm biopsy, the blastocyst was removed from the embryoscope slide dish and approximately 15-20 [micro]l of spent culture media was collected using a sterile individually wrapped 20 [micro]l Gilson pipette.
Births after vitrification at morula and blastocyst stages: effect of artificial reduction of the blastocoelic cavity before vitrification.
At about 18-21 days, small sacs form on the inner, blastocoelic surface of the rudiment (Fig.