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The modified blastula that is characteristic of placental mammals. Also called blastodermic vesicle.

blas′to·cys′tic adj.


1. (Biology) Also called: blastosphere the blastula of mammals: a sphere of cells (trophoblast) enclosing an inner mass of cells and a fluid-filled cavity (blastocoel)
2. (Biology) another name for germinal vesicle


(ˈblæs tə sɪst)

the blastula of the mammalian embryo consisting of an inner cell mass, a cavity, and the trophoblast.


(or blastula) A hollow ball of cells formed from a morula about five days after fertilization.
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Noun1.blastocyst - the blastula of a placental mammal in which some differentiation of cells has occurred
blastosphere, blastula - early stage of an embryo produced by cleavage of an ovum; a liquid-filled sphere whose wall is composed of a single layer of cells; during this stage (about eight days after fertilization) implantation in the wall of the uterus occurs
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It is in particular relevant whether embryonic stem cells, which are obtained from embryos at the blastocystic stage, are to be regarded as 'embryos' as such stem cells do not have the ability to develop into a complete individual by that stage.