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An undifferentiated blastomere of the morula or the blastula stage of an embryo.
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Noun1.blastocyte - an undifferentiated embryonic cell
embryonic cell, formative cell - a cell of an embryo
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sinensis mainly consist of R, B, F and E cells (absorbing cells, vesicular cells, fibroblasts, and tubule ends blastocyte).
Probably the most well-known and most controversial type of stem cell is derived from a blastocyte, a ball of 150 to 200 cells that forms at the very beginning of embryo development.
This includes totipotent cells (which appear after fusion of gametes) and unfertilized ova into which a cell nucleus has been inserted or whose division has been stimulated by parthenogenesis and the blastocyte. Although the AG (in line with the majority of Member States' legislation) did not consider that pluripotent HeS fell within this definition of an embryo (as such cells were not capable of developing into a complete human being), he did consider that their use was still excluded from patentability as "it is not possible to ignore the origin of this pluripotent cell."
Embryonic stem cells are pluripotent and derived from blastocyte. Potential use of embryonic stem cells (ESC), especially for genetic modifications, there is great interest in establishing domestic animals-related ESCs (Munoz et al., 2008).