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1. The layer of cells that develops on the surface of the yolk in an avian or reptilian egg and gives rise to the germinal disk from which the embryo develops.
2. The layer of cells formed by the cleavage of a fertilized mammalian egg. It later divides into the three germ layers from which the embryo develops.

blas′to·der·mat′ic (-dər-măt′ĭk), blas′to·der′mic adj.
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Adj.1.blastodermic - of or relating to a blastodermblastodermic - of or relating to a blastoderm  
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Analysis of chicken embryonic development after removal of blastodermal cells for sexing.
Recently, Boast and Stern described a method for culturing pluripotent blastodermal cells and differentiating them into mesoderm (bone), endoderm, and neuroectoderm (neurons and glia) in a monolayer culture [10].
In a persistent vitelline artery, the blood supply for caudal development of the fetus is directed to the placenta, causing caudal blastodermal hypoperfusion.