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(blăth′ər) also bleth·er (blĕth′-)
intr.v. blath·ered, blath·er·ing, blath·ers also bleth·ered or bleth·er·ing or bleth·ers
To talk nonsensically.
Nonsensical talk.

[Old Norse bladhra; see bhlē- in Indo-European roots.]

blath′er·er n.


dialect someone who blathers
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He was a preacher and a blatherer, and he hated himself for it.
Accordingly, the Oxford University Press published its first dictionary of the internet this month, explaining the definition of such words as "blatherer "(person who sends large e-mails) and "boot up" (to get started).
All will have invaluable insights - the trouble is that the man trying to bring them out is Wilson, a blatherer who usually manages to answer his own questions before anyone else.