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1. A babbling, foolish person.
2. Blather.

[blather + dialectal skite, a contemptible person (from Middle English skite, diarrhea, from Old Norse skītr, excrement, from skīta, to defecate; see skei- in Indo-European roots).]


1. a talkative silly person
2. foolish talk; nonsense
[C17: see blather, skate3]


(ˈblæð ərˌskaɪt)

1. a person given to voluble, empty talk.
2. nonsense; blather.
[1640–50; blather + Scots skite, skate an objectionable person (of uncertain orig.)]
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Noun1.blatherskite - foolish gibberish
gibber, gibberish - unintelligible talking


References in classic literature ?
She was a perfect blatherskite; I mean for jaw, jaw, jaw, talk, talk, talk, jabber, jabber, jabber; but just as good as she could be.
"It's a thundering lie, you miserable old blatherskite!"
"Think of the smartness and coolness of that blatherskite! He put up that scheme on us and reasoned out what we would do, and we went ahead and done it perfectly exact, like a couple of pudd'nheads.
Yappers and blatherskites, the whole brood of them!
In an Observer article at the end of 2017, last century's major Labour blatherskite Roy Hattersley used the example of Haringey to talk about a far-left take-over of Labour and the need to revert to moderation.
THE word blatherskite arose in conversation the other day.
Charles Grier Sellers 'Jacksonian America, 1815-1846 (1991) was so unabashed in its Marxist blatherskite that it was withdrawn from the series and published as a separate volume.
This is the kind of blatherskite from such blabbermouths that makes them sound totally irrelevant, if not downright despicable.
blatherskite" with an "unbalanced and unsound mind," though whether or not Bryan was "insane," the Times editorialist of 1896 conceded, "is a question for expert alienists") is no different than the Times in 2016 on Donald Trump.
(121.) Kealey and Palmer, 124-126; "Anti Blatherskite" to editor of the Globe, 21 May 1886.
The meeting itself in Blatherskite Park, on the 29th November, 1986, was a most memorable and historic occasion, cementing the Catholic Church, at all levels, to her maturing Aboriginal flock.