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 (blā′zär′, -sär′, -zər, -sər)
A compact, extremely bright, active galactic nucleus characterized by strong and rapid changes in the intensity of electromagnetic radiation emitted over a very broad range of frequencies ranging from radio waves to gamma rays. Although the source of blazar energy is the material surrounding a super-massive black hole at the galaxy center, much of the blazar luminosity originates in powerful jets of material moving along the line of sight toward Earth at near light speed.

[Coined by Edward A. Spiegel (1931-2010), American astronomer, as a blend (influenced by blaze) of BL Lac object, a type of blazar once thought to be a variable star (after BL Lacertae, a blazar in Lacerta), and quasar.]


a type of galaxy supplying more radiation than a quasar
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The finding shows that whatever is driving blazar jets operates right near the central black hole, which can weigh in at millions or billions of times the mass of the sun.
What makes a blazar so bright is that one of these particle jets happens to be aimed almost straight at us.
The organization receives about $200,000 worth of work from volunteer groups annually, a bulk of which is provided via the Day of Caring event, according to Jason Blazar, stewardship coordinator and Friends member since 1999.
Title: Long-term monitoring of the optical polarization in the TeV blazar PKS 2155-304
The galaxy's gravity bends the light into different paths, so astronomers see the background blazar as dual images.
Astronomers classify B0218+357 as a blazar -- a type of active galaxy noted for its intense emissions and unpredictable behavior.
NASA FERMI EXPLORE: This animation tracks several gamma rays through space and time, from their emission in the jet of a distant blazar to their arrival in Fermi's Large Area Telescope (LAT).
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For example, the rapid development ofradio astronomy after the Second World War gave rise to the designations radio galaxy (1940s)--galaxies which produced unusually large amounts of radio radiation--quasar (early 1960s)--mysterious point-like sources of radio radiation in the sky--and blazar (mid-1970s) quasars which showed dramatic variations in brightness.
Blazar, the town's executive assistant, said he last saw Mr.
It performs and looks and feels a lot like memory form, but it has two unique properties," said Joe Blazar, director of marketing for Urethane Technologies' Sleep Comfort Systems.