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 (blā′zär′, -sär′, -zər, -sər)
A compact, extremely bright, active galactic nucleus characterized by strong and rapid changes in the intensity of electromagnetic radiation emitted over a very broad range of frequencies ranging from radio waves to gamma rays. Although the source of blazar energy is the material surrounding a super-massive black hole at the galaxy center, much of the blazar luminosity originates in powerful jets of material moving along the line of sight toward Earth at near light speed.

[Coined by Edward A. Spiegel (1931-2010), American astronomer, as a blend (influenced by blaze) of BL Lac object, a type of blazar once thought to be a variable star (after BL Lacertae, a blazar in Lacerta), and quasar.]
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a type of galaxy supplying more radiation than a quasar
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4C +29.45 (also known as Ton 599) is a blazar, a quasar whose jet points straight at us, making it appear much more luminous than it would if the jet were aimed in a different direction.
(4) Blazar: galaxy at the center of which gamma rays shine brightly, due to black holes, and whose jets of particles are pointed towards Earth.
Photons colliding with a blazar's gamma rays are converted into electrons and their antimatter particles, positrons.
To match the amount of energy given off by a typical blazar in one second, the Sun must shine for 317,000 years.
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