blaze down

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w>blaze down

vi (sun)niederbrennen (→ on auf +acc)
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THE sun joined hundreds of golf balls to blaze down on a Warwickshire golf club in a spectacular Helidrop competition which saw the balls dropped over the grounds to raise money for the NSPCC.
Dozens of firemen, with the help of all fire tenders of the city, continued their efforts to blaze down for several hours.
Fife's penalty shot against Edinburgh forced Blaze down to ninth - their lowest ever position in the table so far this season.
CHRIS Culligan sparked a five-goal second period blast for Cardiff Devils which left Coventry Blaze down and out at their Skydome home rink on Saturday.
Not, perhaps, ideal due to the sweltering sun that has continued to blaze down all week here.
a Blaze Down to business now at Doncaster where RASAMAN (5.
We are putting the blaze down to an electrical fault in the cooker hood.
The sun is expected to blaze down on the competition taking place in Sligo this weekend.
One of the blazes came close to a house and a barn, but firefighters knocked the blaze down before it reached them, Millam said.
She has a beautiful white blaze down her nose and gorgeous eyes.