bleaching earth

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Noun1.bleaching earth - an adsorbent clay that will remove coloring from oils
mud, clay - water soaked soil; soft wet earth
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Tenders are invited for Supply of Acidic Bleaching earth
com/research/fmxdns/activated) has announced the addition of the "Activated Bleaching Earth (CAS 70131-50-9) Market Research Report" report to their offering.
Around 20,000 litres of oil, a lorry, a van, five bags of bleaching earth, a large quantity of cat litter and ancillary equipment were seized.
There has been a significant reduction in the amount of raw materials and utilities used; hexane consumption and the use of bleaching earth have been reduced by 25 per cent.
PT Sud-Chemie Indonesia operates the third bleaching earth factory in the country built at a cost of US$ 10 million with an annual capacity of 45,000 tons in the Medan Industrial Area.
The treated oil is then bleached under vacuum with 1-2% of bleaching earth, followed by filtration.
One of the plants was a mobile operation and used bleaching earth while the static plant, hidden in a container, used cat litter to launder the fuel.
Engelhard Corporation (NYSE:EC) announced that it will implement an energy surcharge, effective immediately, on all bleaching earth products.
5 tonnes of toxic waste, 11,000 litres of suspected illicit fuel, a quantity of bleaching earth and a cattle truck with a concealed tank.
Engelhard will absorb most of the cost associated with the expansion, but will pass on to customers a nominal three to five percent price increase across its bleaching earth product line, effective January 1, 1997.
But the tanker that was snatched was seized as part of a followup operation in which a trailer with a concealed tank and 68 bags of bleaching earth were also taken.
But the tanker that was seized and later stored at the barracks in Dundalk was part of a follow-up operation in which a trailer with a concealed tank and 68 bags of bleaching earth were also seized.