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adj. blear·i·er, blear·i·est
1. Watery, filmy, or unable to see clearly: bleary eyes.
2. Tired, disoriented, or bleary-eyed: He shuffled around the kitchen, bleary with sleep.
3. Vaguely outlined; indistinct: "The Palisades are wan and bleary with heat" (Clement Greenberg).

blear′i·ly adv.
blear′i·ness n.
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n. lagaña, secreción pegajosa del ojo; vista nublada.
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Eating breakfast in bed: more usually lunch given the time she's taken to play catch-up and banish her bleariness. This, of course, depends on your ability to open a packet of bacon with a knife without putting yourself in A&E with half a finger missing or setting off the high-pitched squeal of smoke ' Day and woe betide any man who forgets this.
As a director I was interested in highlighting the communal while also punctuating the bleariness of "real" with fiction.
I felt as though the ordinary bleariness of life had suddenly refocused, and I had glimpsed the beauty of the tiny things of life: a drop of sky, a well-cooked pea.