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a. The characteristic cry of a goat or sheep.
b. A sound similar to this cry.
2. A whining, feeble complaint.
v. bleat·ed, bleat·ing, bleats
1. To utter the characteristic cry of a goat or sheep.
2. To utter a sound similar to this cry, especially a whine.
To utter in a whining way.

[Middle English blet, from bleten, to bleat, from Old English blǣtan.]

bleat′er n.
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For example, if an incident begins to get significant chatter on the Twitter simulation called "Bleater" and the user is failing to respond to it, a simulated traditional media outlet will cover the issue and force the players to react.
Taking up the incarnational meditation of the "Benedictus" the final section of the poem, "Agnus Dei," meditatively details the physical, empirical qualities of an actual lamb--"pretty creature, vigorous / to nuzzle at milky dugs, / woolbearer, bleater, / leaper in air for delight of being" (Levertov 9-12)--patiently circling around the theologically-laden name of the incarnate God, "Lamb of God." The words, and Word, of the poems title--that Name--is enfleshed by the poet's attention, an attention marked once more by a surprising empathy, a spoken consent: God then, encompassing all things, is defenseless?
But, if a mixture of natural apprehension and hearty laughter made the experience fun for our youngest daughter Madison, it also put the little bleater off.
Fame and fortune has changed all that, but the notoriously frugal ballad bleater is still reluctant to shell out for a Sky+ subscription.
Andrews then climbed into the stand where he soon began calling occasionally using Primos' can doe bleater. The teenager first spotted a spike, and a short while later a doe. MIMI'S PALS:Mimi's well known in showbiz circles, and has vowed to stay in touch with her star chums, some of whom include: Catherine Bleater Jones Ewean MacGregor Tom Shanks Wool Smith Mackenzie Crook Shorn Pen Sam Shepherd Fleece Witherspoon Brigitte Baa-dot Warren Bleatty
One tabloid ne wspaper referred to Catherine Bleater Moans,and the label has shown signs of sticking.
WORLD BLEATER Nicklas Bendtner warned he will be the best striker in the business within five years
Viruses named after celebrities are all the rage among net pests, and now there's one bearing the name of Welsh sexpot Catherine Bleater, sorry, Zeta Jones.
All you need to do-and I repeat that no facetiousness of any sort is intended-is put one lamb under your coat, sneak up to a part of the Aintree perimeter which is not being patrolled by the pounds 1 million-worth of security, or a part of Cheltenham that doesn't have a pro-racing cyclist riding nearby, and pop the little bleater through the fence.
HILARIOUS: Even stern Simon can't help cracking up; WORLD BLEATER: Hayley sings on Pop Idol audition
Bocketts Farm Park in Fetchamis one of many farms and attractions across the county preparing for the annual baby boom, with more than 560 little bleaters expected this year alone.