bleed away


w>bleed away

vi (lit, fig)ausströmen, verströmen (geh)
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One quibble: Their ability to have things in the foreground appear in sharp relief while objects in the background bleed away makes it seem as if you're watching a 3-D film without those weird glasses.
But old enough to bleed away, alone, in the street.
Four years later, little has been done to restore that hope, and until that hope and trust is restored, the church will continue to bleed away many of the faithful.
Beginning in March, the orbiter will begin a year-long process of repeatedly dipping into the uppermost Martian atmosphere, creating a controlled drag that will gradually bleed away orbital energy and shrink the ellipse.
"It's time for the Government to truly invest in the NHS instead of letting it bleed away and put patients at risk."
There have even been claims that Turkey was involved in behind-the-scenes efforts to influence today's first round outcome by juxtaposing Eroglu and Ozersay in the hope that the latter would bleed away votes from the incumbent.
The odd-year downslope for TV will be in full effect in 2015, with total TV ad sales expected to fall slightly while local television stations take a 5% hit and the networks bleed away 3%.
Over the summer months make-up can often melt or bleed away from where we intend it to be, and the last thing you want on holiday is to be constantly re-applying your lippie.
international influence will bleed away unless we maintain our international
Choose ones with none of the whiskery roots that are broken off and at least 2ins of unbroken stalk on top as you do not want to let any purple juice bleed away. It is sensible to choose even sized ones from a cooking point of view.
If you try bluffing at low stakes Limit games, you'll get called time and again, and just bleed away your stack of chips.
My hopes began to bleed away when the 5X5 appeared coming straight toward me over the rise in the clearing.